Stuff that makes my shit itch.

Well it's been a while since I ranted like an old man does about people tampering with his thermostat (I swear it's like gold dust to them), and I've been bottling up a few annoyances for a while and decided to unleash them.



Lets create an amazing open music provider with not-too-intrusive advertisements for free to everyone, but oh wait bad business model lets charge everyone and if they want to buy music they HAVE to buy the credits in bulk (iStock deserves a mention here as well) but if you don't use your credits we'll make them expire. Nice touch.



Sort my history out, every day I have to put up with 10minutes of my phone spacking out because it's syncing up with the days messages. Here's a radical idea Skype - maybe we should make chat history exactly that...HISTORY. I don't want to receive 100s of notifications about messages I have already read.


Apple "Genuis"

Welcome to the city of dillusional powertrip technically illiterate beings. Three times I have been to an Apple store to see a genius and three times I have been blown away by their idiocity. An example is the following where I took my girlfriends macbook pro (oonly 3 months old) to the store as it was running particularly slow at which point their "head genius" proceeded to tell me she had too many processes running on boot, I then continued to point out that all of these "heavy processes" (I also wasn't aware that processes had mass, but apparently they do) were infact system processes not installed programs. Great staff Apple!


Busy bodies

We all know them, and swiftly hate them. There is always someone in your life that is the person that can't drop something or just finds that it's best that they tell your their opinion on every part of your life wether you asked for it or not. They also make it their business to get involved in everybody elses business around you and continue to tell everyone how to behave, communicate, and possible even wipe their own ass.

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