Personal annoyances

Well...what are they? I hear you ask! Firstly let me go into depth what sparked off this list and provoked me to record events in my head. It was around this time last year and, as always, I had to walk past the probation centre AND county courts on the way to work (not great for what's effectively a 4minutes walk). Anyway, I was walking past the courts and I saw a £2 coin on the floor "Lucky" I thought whilst picking it up.

After I had picked it up, I saw a guy walk over to me from his pregnant smoking girlfriend with cigarette and special brew in hand and when close enough he said "That's mine, I dropped it". I didn't really want any hassle but it was the principle so I returned and said "but why didn't you pick it up before?" to which he intelligently replied "You callin' me a liar?" - "I'll batter ya..". Fortunately one of our poor officers of the law was watching and came and said "Go inside, aren't you in enough trouble?" and then turned to me and said "Don't go looking for trouble!". Now I'm no lawyer but I'm quite sure I was the victim here, and this brings me to the blog post. It seems that people who choose to be uneducated, violent, and criminals are treated as special cases by the legal system we trust to protect ourselves, just FYI the legal system shambles the country currently has, does, really get my goat! It's rubbish, anyone who is willing to have a criminal record is NOT scared of prison or any of the other repurcussions which are supposed to "rehabilitate".


1. Health and Safety hyper-drive!

I know a lot of things needed to change since the time of 6 year olds going down mines without respirators or even the ability to write/read, however, from that stint of change has arisen this horrible red tape stretched out to seemingly crush any type of fun at all. Deterring companies from even daring to suggest any fun activities at work through fear of a frivilous lawsuit from some idiot tripping over a plantpot "Sorry, didn't you see article B section I-IV covering walking around office decorations? Idiot."


2. Where there's a blame, there's a claim

Genuinely, if there is someone who has caused gross negligence then I believe they should be reprimanded if someone is injured from it, but todays wishy-washy lawsuits where someone trips over their shoelace on a ladder and then blames the company! How is it the companys fault? Jesus christ, man up!


3. Comparison website adverts!

To be fair this applies to most new website adverts including the advert, it's insanely annoying and I physically want to hurt most of the "actors" in these displays of idiocity, however, I understand how they are becoming popular as England is becoming "stupider" by the day, and repetitive monotone is the only way to make them remember something!


4. Un-monitored benefits

I understand the cost of monitoring benefit fraudsters is nearly as high as the money they steal from the economy is, however, surely this should be a moral thing and the system should have a fine in place to deter them? Also the way people are allowed to stay on unemployment benefits for years on end without ever having a job is beyond me! In most of Europe an in/out scheme is in place where you are entitled to 3-6months of unemployment benefits for every year you have worked, after that you are given community work position to pay back the tax payers. I'm sure gripe number 1 will get in the way of that!


5. People who don't talk to me for ages, and then it's "Hey do you know what's wrong with this?"

"This" in context is any random technical item in their household, and yes, I have had phonecalls asking about everything from ovens to laptops to lawn mowers! I know where this belief of me becoming a general technical support guy stems from, is that no-one knows what I do for a living. When last asking my sister it was a "uh...computery internet stuff?" and in all fairness, that's probably the best description I would get out of any members of my family. I would explain but I have tried and it generally pans out along the lines of "I am a web devel..." *insert blank face* "..nevermind, I work with computers."




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