15 Feb 2012

Stuff that makes my shit itch.

Well it's been a while since I ranted like an old man does about people tampering with his thermostat (I swear it's like gold dust to them), and I've been bottling up a few annoyances for a while and decided to unleash them.

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15 Aug 2011

Upselling & Club politics

Well, it's been a while and quite frankly nothing out of the ordinary has really annoyed me till recently. This is ofcourse if we choose to ignore the moronic activity in London and the copy-cats in various other cities throughout England. Back to point as we all know what I think should happen to the oxygen stealers that are "protesting".

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05 May 2011

Brits abroad, and idiots on the roads.

As some of you readers may know I have been doing a lot of cycling, and in fact have stopped driving and am cycling instead where possible, not really for being green or for exercise, but because I enjoy it and commuting it's quicker. What you may also know is that I love holidays, unless of course, they are to Tunisia by Thomson.

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08 Nov 2010

Why Facebook is both Awesome and Dire.

I was talking with the guys at work about Facebook and how it's incredibly annoying on a lot of levels but it's great for snooping etc.. Anyway we came up with some pretty good points as to why Facebook is awesome, but at the same time why it's utterly horrific.

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21 Sep 2010

3 Conversations to never have when drunk

Now I think most people will already know what these three are, and why they hold so much passion behind them. The fact is that talking about 1) Religion 2) Politics or 3) Society just seems to spark that gland in your head at around the 2.5 pint mark which will just make you quote any jarble from any kind of media you've read about the subject in order to either just sound clever or convince the opposition your point is correct!

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22 Aug 2010

Personal annoyances

Well...what are they? I hear you ask! Firstly let me go into depth what sparked off this list and provoked me to record events in my head. It was around this time last year and, as always, I had to walk past the probation centre AND county courts on the way to work (not great for what's effectively a 4minutes walk). Anyway, I was walking past the courts and I saw a £2 coin on the floor "Lucky" I thought whilst picking it up.

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14 Jul 2010

Ryanair, Cowboys, Con Artists, or just Clever?

So holiday season is upon us, and I can quite happily say I am much happier than I was this time last year with my holiday outcomes, I have had my customary trip to Spain and have a trip to the Philippines later in the year. I digress, my real post is about Ryanair, and the much discussed ethics they have.

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17 Sep 2009

David and Goliath

This is a term that has been thrown around a lot when describing the articles about me, my blog and my battle against Thomson over my holiday to Tunisia. It seems that I am not the only person out there, and I do believe Thomson to be sorry now they realised the steam roller of fame this story has received this week. They have invited me down to them to dicuss how to improve their customer services and I would like you (the readers) to tell me what you think needs to be done!

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07 Sep 2009

Thomson Complaint - Resolved, but...how?

During my complaint about my horrible Thomson Tunisia holiday, I wrote on my blog displaying how angry I was about the service I received and not only that, but when I complained I was completely ignored. Just prior to me going away to Spain I received the cheque from Thomson to recompense me for my horrible Thomson holiday. Although this was an amicable amount, it was not what I deemed to be a credible amount, and as such I feel someone who doesn't go through the lengths I did to get get noticed by their company will probably receive nothing.

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17 Jul 2009

More on my horrible Thomson holiday to Tunisia - The excursions

Well as you all know I have already blogged about the horrendous Thomson trip to Tunisia I posted about before. I have already explained about the lies the travel agent in Thomson travel agents in Leicester city centre told myself and my girlfriend about the location, and holiday. I thought I would add a bit more detail about the resort, and the excursions.

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