28 Sep 2009

How to setup a blog...

As most of the traffic knows coming to this site, they have read in the papers about my story of taking on a giant company with my own blogging and beating them in Google for certain search terms in order get some attention from them to get my complaint resolved. Although a website like this does take time, and costs money I am going to explain two ways of creating a blog firstly in this post a simple way of setting up a free blog, and then later how to create a more advanced blog and the benefits of software choices.

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25 Jul 2009

Looping through variables using concatenation with PHP

Recently a friend was given the task of ordering a group of variables that would be similiar to this:


Group of ordered PHP variables
$var1 = 10;
$var2 = 20;
$var3 = 30;
$var4 = 40

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23 Feb 2009

Dynamic RSS feed using PHP and MySQL

Recently I have been working a lot with RSS feeds, and they are becoming a more globally used plugin or addon onto any website, I regularly use premade plugins for CMS's such as Joomla or Wordpress to enabled RSS feeds to be automatically be added to posts, dependant upon categories or categories. Anyway, it is quite bland out there as to the stages you need to perform in order to make a custom RSS feed for yourself which is standards compliant and fully customisable from an admin panel. Here is a class I came up with which allows multiple feeds to be generated by the same file.

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17 Feb 2009

Wordpress display/hide child LI tags on menu with PHP

Although I didn't make this code I still feel it needs to be in the knowledge base area rather than the links section as it needs to be available to search the site for it, anyway I was basicallly finding it quite hard to find a wordpress plugin which allows the LI/UL tags to automatically hide depending on wether their parent element is selected or not, kind of like an accordion effect but without the javascript.

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03 Feb 2009

PHP strip individual keys and shunt array

As mentioned at the end of January I had come across the problem where its very difficult to find a function online which basically loops through an array and removes the specficied key, but also shunts down the rest of the array so there isn't empty keys leftover.

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