Udja Comments 1.0 RC2

Well it's been a hectic couple of weeks with my triathlon, working on the JED Listing Redesign and not forgetting Udja Comments RC2 work but I think we've got there and after some more testing from you great users we'll be very close to completion!

Into the nitty gritty bits about the comment system update and release info, this release is mostly about fixing known bugs rather than adding new functionality which can cause further bugs in the system. Having said that, here is the comments updates and fixes.


Udja Comments - New Features RC2

  1. Added JComments import feature - this is early beta. Do not use on live websites.
  2. Added basic support for [code][/code] and [quote][/quote]
  3. Change the way the data is affiliated to content to make it easier to hook into other components such as K2
  4. User login restrictions - can now only show comments or allow comment submissions to registered users.
  5. de-DE translation - Thanks Gerhard Sopolinski
  6. Unsubscribe link added to notification emails


Udja Comments - Bug Fixes RC2

  1. Category filter should now be working
  2. name not displaying in frontend TPL is now fixed.
  3. plugin displaying regardless of filter fixed.
  4. plugin breaking media manager fixed.
  5. Plugin not always displaying comment count fixed


How to import from jComments

  1. Make sure all your core content is already moved over to the new Joomla installation.
  2. Copy the #__jcomments table from your pre-existing database to your new one.
  3. Login to the admin panel and go to: extensions > "udja comments"
  4. Press "Import JComments (early beta)" - ONLY PRESS ONCE!
  5. After this remove #__jcomments from your database to avoid a double import, the button will only appear if the table exists.


!!! WARNING !!!

  • Do not run the jcomments importer on a live website, although udjacomments is RC2 this functionality is early beta.
  • Be careful upgrading if you have used HTML overrides as a method has been removed from the helper so you will need to upgrade any overrides as well


if you like the extension and are using it consider rating the extension at http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/contacts-and-feedback/articles-comments/17473 to help the project grow!


Udja Comments (1.6+)

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