29 Jun 2010

Joomla admin template 1.0beta + New White Version!

Well, it's been a while. I'll put my hands up I haven't given you guys much in the way of template updates but believe me the wait will have been worth it. I've worked extra hard since returning from holidays to get this to a point where it's releasable for the public to use, not only have I made a load updates and bugfixes, I have also created a new shiny white version of the template!

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17 May 2010

Joomla admin template with Google Analytics module

Over the past months I have been actively developing various succesful extensions for Joomla, however, I have failed to extend my Joomla admin template enough to gain it entrance to the extensions.joomla.org area which would gain it the most publicity, I didn't want to "re-invent the wheel" like some other admin templates by creating my own set of icons that do the same job, or creating a session reminder for logout.

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15 Mar 2010

Free Joomla admin template (jQuery Desktop) v0.9.1 beta

{jcomments on}It has been two weeks since the last release but a lot of people have been requesting various things and as with all BETA models there is a lot of bugs that need fixing! I have fixed a lot of issues, and added some more functionality to the admin template, and as always would love further feedback.

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15 Apr 2010

Joomla admin template - udjamaflip jquery template 0.9.2 beta

{jcomments on}Well it has been a couple of weeks since the last update to the free joomla admin template I have been working on, but I have recently been stripping out any attachments to the Khepri template and creating a new fresh full content control based on the already existing templates theme. Anyway enough rambling, here is a proper list of everything which has been changed and/or updated:

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27 Feb 2010

Joomla! admin template - jQuery Desktop v0.9 beta

{jcomments on}Such popular demand on this opensource jQuery desktop template has caused me to create a section specifically for publicising the jQuery desktop template for the Joomla admin panel. I have amended the admin template issues which have been reported through the comments system on the previous post for joomla admin template v0.8 beta If possible I would appreciate any bugs to be posted in the forum for the admin template. Comments of suggestions/praise/hate are still welcome of course, but if bug fixes could be posted in the forums I'll find it easier to repair them quicker. Screenshots of the jQuery desktop admin template are here

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Desktop Admin Template (1.5)

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