Joomla Automated Tag Cloud 0.7 Beta

It's been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately, especially the Joomla extensions area - so first of all sorry for taking so long to get bugfixes out. Anyway the first of many is the automated tag cloud for Joomla! I have made, I thought the bug with removing non standard characters had been removed, however, the system was still stripping out some scandinavian/russian/german characters.

I have revised the preg replace and have tested it on a few different setups to great success so now all german, russian, scandinavian characters should appear as normal! There is still a bug in that I don't have a comprehensive list of "standard" words for all languages which is a problem, this is something I am hoping to remedy by giving the option to translate the default list using the Google translate API.


Additionally I have added a new parameter which now allows you to use k2 Tags in this automated tag cloud. Again I have kept this module in Beta as I don't feel it is completely finished due to language problems.


Automated Tag Cloud (1.5+)

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