New website design and New Joomla!

Most of you regulars may have noticed that everything has moved! The reason for this is the old site was getting a bit tatty and neeeded a good (albeit belated) spring clean! Thanks to my amazing girlfriend Taryn Sligh for creating this amazing design.

This post is mostly a heads up, as a few comments may have gone missing during the transition as well as all forum posts and user accounts! I appreciate this may be a pain for some but I had ~26000 users on my last site and around 22000 were bots or spammers of some shape or form so it's easier to start a fresh, and there was no migration option for the old forum going to the new one.


One good thing is that I have managed to succesfully import jcomments 1.5 into my udja comments 1.6 installation so expect a release for this in RC2 allowing all you wanting 1.5 users can easily goto 1.7 without losing those previous comments you've gathered over the years.


In addition to the coming udja comments release I've also worked on an upgraded version of my shareThis plugin for Joomla 1.6 so expect a release of this coming soon!


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