Joomla Components Menu Sorter

Have you ever created a Joomla installation and suddenly realised you either don't have any additional components installed, or you only have 2 or 3 making the menu a little cumbersome to navigate to your newer Joomla users? I have a few times and because of this I have created a small System Plugin which moves components out of the component menu and places them at the top level so next to "content" you will have "Banners", "Contacts" etc etc.

Why use this plugin? It has proven to aid the learning curve for new Joomla users, and also makes the journey from one area to another quicker as there is no need to hover over the components menu to get to a component. In the parameters there is an option to take out component icons, or leave them in as seen below:



If anyone would like additional parameters, or find any bugs. Please leave a comment.



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