Udjamaflip's Meta Title Controller for Joomla

For a long time it has been necessary to patch Joomla! in order to make it support amending meta titles on a per article basis without any useless "auto-titles" and default values cluttering your websites meta titles rendering them practically useless on a practical and accessible level. So I have created a package of 2 plugins and 1 module will now enables any Joomla 1.5 user to have full control over their meta titles.

This extension uses a content plugin and an editor plugin to load a meta titles field into the same "metadata information" tab with meta description and meta keywords which are there by default. Upon saving the article this meta title will be saved into the Joomla database and then the metadata module which is the final part of the package then loads your custom meta title on a per article basis!


Here shows you adding the meta title in the backend, the same way as you would with your meta description or keywords:



Here shows that new meta title on the frontend of the website:



So to everyone, I hope you enjoy full control over meta titles in Joomla!



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