Joomla SEO and Accessibility Patch

It's been a while since I last posted, and it's going to be a while till my next post because I'm moving apartment and according to Sky I could be without Internet for upto 4 weeks! Anyway there will be a new release of the Joomla! admin template and Joomla! tag cloud when I return. In the mean time I thought I would keep the visitors keen by handing out a patch I regularly use to give Joomla! a bit of a boost in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Accessibility to help our less able friends navigate our websites

This Joomla! patch is a CORE MODIFICATION so please remember that upgrading your Joomla! installation could cause adverse effects if the patch isn't applied again afterwards. The patch will allow you to have access keys for your menu items within Joomla, meta title tags applied on a per article basis, or on a per menu item basis, and also title attributes to the link tags produced by the default menu module.


So to outline the Joomla SEO and Accessibility Patch features are as follows:

  • Access Keys for Menu items in Joomla!
  • Stronger META title and tag control
  • Title attributes added to menu items on Joomla! menu module

As always, let me know of any issues, or suggestions. Licence is GPL as always, and there are accreditations to any sources used in the build of this patch.


The patch is currently tested on 1.5.15/16/17 although I suspect it to work on 1.5.11 onwards, remember. Core Modifications aren't to be taken lightly!



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