Simple Google Analytics Joomla Module

On an almost weekly basis at work a Google Analytics for a Joomla installation needs to be applied, now I'm very aware that we can just place it directly into the template file, however it is much more user friendly and easier to use to have a simple Google Analytics module so we can easily apply google analytics to existing joomla installations as well as new ones.

Although it is recommended you have a module position before the </body> tag of your template file where you can place the Google Analytics module, as close to the bottom as possible will be fine. The reason for placing Google Analytics at the bottom of your page is the same with any javascript, it is incase it fails and stops the rest of the page below the code from loading properly. I have never encountered Google Analytics actually fail and not load so I think if you have a closing div or two after your module then it will be fine.


Thats about it really, simply install the module, create it in your module manager and then enter your Analytics code for the website and 'save'. Remember to make sure your code is correct i,e UA-123456-1


Enjoy the google analytics joomla module!


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