Flickr feed Joomla module

Joomla! Flickr Feed Module by Andy Sharman


In addition to the Flickr Feed code I intend on releasing to everyone when I get back from holiday in a weeks time, I have additionally made it into a Joomla! module for anyone and everyone to use and hopefully register it back to me. Anyway, there are a few things to go over with regards to the module:

  1. It is supplied "as is" no warranty is applied or even implied.
  2. If you are getting a JFolder::create error it is due to your file permissions, please create the directory images/flickrCache (or the directory you have specified the module to use).
  3. If you have any queries or suggestions please contact Andy Sharman or alternatively post a comment and I will either reply to your email address supplied or on the comments base here.
  4. Should you not wish for the flickr feed to include a link posting back to this website then please turn it off using params->signature: "I refuse to support the development" - Please remember that the only way I can create a user base for the module is by people knowing who made it!
  5. Have fun, modify it, and redistribute it!

I have attached the module below, enjoy!




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