Joomla! admin template - jQuery Desktop v0.9 beta

{jcomments on}Such popular demand on this opensource jQuery desktop template has caused me to create a section specifically for publicising the jQuery desktop template for the Joomla admin panel. I have amended the admin template issues which have been reported through the comments system on the previous post for joomla admin template v0.8 beta If possible I would appreciate any bugs to be posted in the forum for the admin template. Comments of suggestions/praise/hate are still welcome of course, but if bug fixes could be posted in the forums I'll find it easier to repair them quicker. Screenshots of the jQuery desktop admin template are here

** Bugfixes from joomla admin desktop template 0.8-0.9 **


  1. Incompatibility issues with mootools seem to have been rectified by using jQuery compatibility mode.
  2. Hopefully the problem Sam Moffat reported of custom menu modules not working should be repaired now, both JS and CSS.
  3. Icons are copied from Khepri template, I will skin the article manager etc, but would like UI to be working perfectly first.
  4. Change menu fontsize, many commented it was too large.
  5. Added legacy icon, should now provide no problems in 1024x768 resolution, though I wouldn't recommend using the template in this size resolution.
  6. Global configuration is now usable, also issue with article popup is usable.
  7. Global configuration doesn't take you back to template inside template when saved or closed, it closes window instead.


** Unfixed bugs which are known **

  1. Problem caused by closable windows, check in/out won't be working if you close a window when editting an article it isn't checked back - if you have a solution I'd appreciate your input.


Thats it for this week as I'm going out tonight so don't have any more time to create a release, keep the bugs coming!


Joomla Admin Desktop Template

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