HTML5 Video subtitles utilising Mozilla's Popcorn.js

Recently I've been playing with HTML5 Video a bit and when doing some research I came across an amazing project that the Mozilla group have been working on called Popcorn.js and I instantly started wondering what could be built using it.

The Idea

I've decided to build an automated subtitling using Popcorn.js, a bit of Vanilla JS and some basic markup!

The Code

The following code is very basic and utilises the event that popcorn.js provides called .cue which allows you to add functionality to given points during the timeline. Using this method would make it very easy to add server-side controls to output the queueing of all the subtitles.

	//the css ID of the html5 video wrapper
    videoObject: '#ourvideo',
	//provides a way of giving each subtitle a unique ID
    subtitleID: 0,

	//add a subtitle with a start/end time (can be decimals)
    addSubtitle: function (start, end, subtitle) {
        wrapperId = 'subtitle-' + this.subtitleID;
        this.subtitleID += 1;
        //add the subtitle
        Popcorn(this.videoObject).cue(start, function () {
            VIDEO.displaySubtitle(subtitle, wrapperId);
        //remove the subtitle
        Popcorn(this.videoObject).cue(end, function () {

	//function to actually display the subtitle
    displaySubtitle: function (subtitle, wrapperId) {
        document.getElementById('infoWrapper').innerHTML = '

' + subtitle + '

' + document.getElementById('infoWrapper').innerHTML; }, //remove the subtitle from the DOM when we've finished with it removeSubtitle: function (wrapperId) { element = document.getElementById(wrapperId); element.parentNode.removeChild(element); } }; document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function () { VIDEO.addSubtitle(9, 11, 'You Jack Sully?'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(12, 16, 'I\'d like to talk to you about a fresh start, in a new world...'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(17, 19, '\'d be making a difference'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(23, 25.5, 'I became a marine for the hardship'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(25.6, 29, 'I told myself I can pass any test a man can pass'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(29.1, 31.5, 'All I ever wanted, was a single thing worth fighting for'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(31.6, 33, 'Ladies and gentlemen...'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(34, 38, '\'re not in Kansas anymore...'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(38.1, 40, '\'re on Pandora'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(40.5, 43, 'You should see your faces'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(43.1, 46, 'We have an indigenous population called the Na\'vi...'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(46.5, 49, '...they are very hard to kill'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(49, 51, 'This is why we\'re here...'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(50, 54, 'because this little grey rock sells for 20 million a kilo'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(53, 59, 'Their village, happens to be resting on the richest deposit and they need to relocate'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(59.1, 61, 'Those savages are threatening our whole operation'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(61.1, 65, 'We\'re on the brink of war and your supposed to be finding a diplomatic solution'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(67.5, 74, 'The concept is to drive these remotely controlled bodies called Avatars'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(73, 77, 'They grow them from human DNA, mixed with DNA of the natives'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(78, 82, 'Marine in an Avatar body, that\'s a potent mix'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(82.1, 84, 'You get me what I need I\'ll see to it you get your legs back...'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(85, 87, '...your real legs'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(87.1, 89, 'Hell yeh, sir!'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(88, 90, 'Looks like you'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(90.1, 92, 'This is your Avatar'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(92.1, 94, 'Just relax and let your mind go blank...'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(95, 97, '...shouldn\'t be hard for you'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(103, 104, '*gasp*'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(105, 106, 'Wahooooo'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(110, 112, 'Jake, it\'s real simple...'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(114, 118, '...I want you to learn from the inside, I want you to gain their trust'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(122, 124, 'You should not be here'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(125, 127, 'Go back!'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(127.5, 130, 'Well this is your fault'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(131, 133, 'I need your help'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(138, 139, 'Outstanding'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(145, 148, 'Haven\'t got lost in the woods have ya?'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(147, 150, 'You forget what team you\'re playing for?'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(151, 154, 'The strong prey on the weak and nobody does a thing'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(155, 157, 'You\'ve got 1 hour'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(157.1, 159, 'You knew this would happen?'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(158, 160, 'I\'ve been changed'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(160.1, 161, 'Jake it\'s crazy here...'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(161.1, 165, '...Forman is just rolling and their is no stopping him'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(165, 168, 'They\'re going up against gunships with bows and arrows'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(168.1, 170, 'Then I guess we\'d better stop him'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(183, 185, 'They\'ve sent us a message...'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(186, 189, '...that they can take whatever they want'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(189.1, 191, 'But we will send them a message...'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(192, 194, '...THAT THIS...'); VIDEO.addSubtitle(194.5, 197, '...THIS IS OUR LAND!'); }, false);

Now the HTML markup using an Avatar trailer, very simple build using the HTML5 video tag


Combined with a splash of CSS to make it look pretty


    margin:0 auto;


    #infoWrapper p


[Click here to down the demo of subtitle with Popcorn.js & HTML5 Video]


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