MyFBpa Launched - Planetarion Clone based on MyPHPpa

I've been publishing a lot of Joomla extensions lately on the blog, and to those of you who follow me and don't use Joomla this post will come as a breath of fresh air. Myself and Zane have finally got MyFBpa ready for launch and good for BETA. The project is a tick based facebook application game based on MyPHPpa created by Khan around 10 years ago.

The game can be found at for those of you who haven't come into contact with this game or "tick based games" it is similiar to the very popular mafia wars on Facebook in that every X amount of seconds or minutes the game updates, wether its you getting closer to owning something you purchased or getting closer to an enemy you're planning to attack. MyFBpa is a free space themed strategy game. Currently it is only available via Facebook, but with anough demand the myphppa clone will be available via conventional methods as well enabling facebook and non-facebook players to play against each other.


I hope to hear lots of feedback from everyone either on the game fanpage or forum, or here in the comments.

General Development

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