24 Mar 2010

MyFBpa Launched - Planetarion Clone based on MyPHPpa

I've been publishing a lot of Joomla extensions lately on the blog, and to those of you who follow me and don't use Joomla this post will come as a breath of fresh air. Myself and Zane have finally got MyFBpa ready for launch and good for BETA. The project is a tick based facebook application game based on MyPHPpa created by Khan around 10 years ago.

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03 Dec 2009

Placing fb:multi-friend-selector (friend invite form) into an fb:dialog (facebook popup)

Recently I have been doing a lot of work with Facebook apps, and occasionally I came across issues such as this one with the FBML (Facebook Markup Language) and FBJS (Facebook JavaScript) where they seemed very difficult or impossible to do. I was trying to make a simple popup with my FBML application (note not Iframe applicaiton) and the popup using the fb:dialog element is not adjustable in its size, so instead of attempting to adjust that I change the row count of the invitation form, which was almost there. Then by removing the border it was only 2 pixels out so I did a little CSS hack using negative margins.

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22 Oct 2009

Beginners guide to Search Engine Optimisation

Recently I have had a lot of exposure to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and it turns out that trying to find real information about search engine optimisation isn't as easy as it would seem, you would think that people who have a real insight into the effects behind SEO would be online happily sharing their discoveries with other developers but unfortunately the ones who do are generally uneducated, and the others want you to pay for the information. I am not claiming myself as a fully qualified expert in search engine optimisation and all of its real effects across search engines (not just Google), however, I do feel that there is some real lacking content out there on this subject, and as such I would like to give my opinion and knowledge of SEO, its at least worth what it costs (FREE) unlike most companies out there which are peddling claims to get to the top of Google for frivilous un-used search terms at extortionate prices. Here I am going to explain how to structure content correctly, and hopefully a few tips for search engine optimisation you haven't heard of.

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