17 Feb 2013

Converting to a fully adaptive media query template

Everyone knows that responsive and adaptive templates have proven to be incredibly popular, and everyone is also very aware that mediaqueries with a bit of shiny JS are how to handle these types of websites properly, however, we've seen a lot of iDevice fans getting mixed up along the way,

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26 Feb 2009

Vertically centred website using CSS

Placing your website in the centre of the screen can often be a potential minefield, but as a rule of thumb if you want to make a website that is just a box in the middle of the screen, which, is very aesthetically pleasing but does not use the real estate of the screen to its full usability. Anyway that a side you need to bare in mind the most common resolution (at the time of writing this post) is 1024x768 which means you only have about 950x565 to play with screen real estate.

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