04 Jun 2012

Visual Studio - Regex Find and Replace for CSS .Class and #id

Recently I've been working on a project which was needed to be retroactively be included into varying 3rd party application which meant that all the CSS written needed to be prefixed uniquely and because of the sheer size of the CSS the only possible solution was through using Regex find and replace.

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15 Feb 2009

C# - RSS Feed Reader with ASP.NET

A while ago I was tasked with creating a website whereby a website could pickup rss feeds which were listed in a database and then grab the RSS feed form the URL parse it and display it on the page, this is the code that I came up with which is kinda basic, but...it works!

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31 Jan 2009

ASP.NET - Making a comprehensive 404 page

When I was doing a project at work I was tasked with setting up a 404 page for an ASP.NET website, and generally just making sure there wasn't any conflicts. As I am normally a PHP developer I figured it wouldn't be too hard as its very easy to assign a 404 error to a certain file with Apache using a .htaccess file. I was about to be very put off by how difficult it was to actually get this working, and further more, how under-documented it was online. So I decided to write up a very quick and easy instruction manual.

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