Where is Andy Sharman and what's going on with Udja Comments?

So? Where am I?....This is a question I keep getting asked a lot recently (especially as I haven't blogged in two months, and for that I apologise! I have been moving countries and because of that have either not had internet or the time to blog.

I have just moved from Leicester, England all the way to Sydney, Australia and as such have had quite a lot on my plate and struggled to dedicate any time to my blog or the Joomla project but now I'm back and have once again got a bit of personal time! Anyway to the bits you want to hear, here is the timeline for the next month so expect the blog to get a lot busier:


  • Release udja comments 1.1 (projection of early January)
  • Release udja custom fields 1.0 for Joomla 1.6+ (project of late December)
  • Some psots about various bits and bobs that have annoyed me during my move! (when I can)


Now I know this doesn't seem like a lot but I have been doing a lot of work whilst I've had no internet and need to push some more upgrades and then can release the project.


If anyone has udja comments suggestions please leave a comment here.


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