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Just made up this section, so not sure if I have enough stuff to fill it or not yet....but I thought I would explain a bit about the site first:


Well I'll start with the name of the website, its come from my Grandad when I was little and he was after something but couldn't remember the name of the thing he wanted he used to ask for the Udjamaflip, so to most people udjamaflip is a thingymabob, a whatdoyacallit, etc etc. So I was thinking of a purpose for this domain name after I originally decided to use it, and it used to be a Gallery for me and my friends but Facebook took over that long ago so it needed a new purpose, and so came the website I have today. Its a knowledge base (at the moment solely for programming, but who knows!) where you can hopefully find the thing that you were looking for but didn't know the name of!


Anyway off to work now

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