18 Dec 2011

Where is Andy Sharman and what's going on with Udja Comments?

So? Where am I?....This is a question I keep getting asked a lot recently (especially as I haven't blogged in two months, and for that I apologise! I have been moving countries and because of that have either not had internet or the time to blog.

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30 Nov 2009

Breaking the silence

Its been over a month since a blog post, and I figured I would give the world an update into what I'm getting upto. Basically I'm actively developing on two personal projects currently, one being a jQuery desktop template and another being a remake of the well known tick based game myphppa, it is being reinvented as a Facebook application, although the application stage is in early stages (soon to be opened under BETA) and the jQuery desktop template soon to be available under Open BETA I would ask everyone is patient and "watch this space" the myphppa application will be released under the name of MYFBPA a slight name modification to suit the new environment that will be holding it. Thanks for waiting, it will be worth it!

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12 Jul 2009

New design, and new forum

The past week has been quite rushed with the release of the Joomla! flickr feed module with jquery, and the influx of hits I seem to be getting due to its popularity I decided that I should give the sites users something a bit easier to navigate around, and something a bit more eye-catching. As well as that a better way of providing support on the snippets and downloads I have provided.

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31 Aug 2009

La Tomatina Information

Just returning from Spain I thought I would post some information about La Tomatina which is a tomato fight festival in a small town called Bunol near Valencia. La Tomatina is quite a young tradition in Spain, but is very popular with backpackers and tourists. I went this year for the second time and spoke to a few people on the way there and back and noticed a lot of La Tomatina go-ers found many blog posts inaccurate in information about the festival.

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12 Mar 2009

E-commerce class in PHP with Google Checkout

Hi all,

Your probably wondering why I haven't had a post on here in a while and its because I have been coding a class file which is made to work with Google Checkout and potentially be a good class for everyone to use, naturally I will have to release it with notes and see what everyone thinks, but it should be quite nice to use!

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